Sound Citizens Announces New Soca-Influenced Single

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The Stevie Wonder-twinged keyboard riffs and catchy saxophone melodies of the newest Sound Citizens single is truly powerful. The new single ‘Rising Star’ will be available this coming Friday – 27th January. Both the single and music video were self-produced by the band and mark the first in a series of releases planned in 2017.

Sound Citizens’ music is quickly being recognised as a new Caribbean sound, and rightfully so. ‘Rising Star’ seamlessly blends a Caribbean jump-up soca vibe with their own brand of bad-ass island funk. From the hard-hitting intro to the percussive drop and hands-up finale, the song is consistently a hit at live shows.

A collection of musicians from all over the world, Sound Citizens formed in Antigua in 2015 and have been making waves around the islands ever since. The band consists of Josh Winfield – Lead Vocals & Guitar, Amy Banger – Keys & Backing Vocals, Bruno Mestriner – Bass, Ché Ferris – Drums, and Reuben Chandler – Saxophone. Sound Citizens plays Swunk, a unique blend of swing and funk and just about everything in between. With this commanding disregard for musical genres, together with seemingly endless amounts of energy, their live show is dangerously infectious. Not to mention their masterfully crafted lyrics, interweaving vivid stories and annoyingly satisfying hooks to transport us to their fantastical Swunk Universe. How five spare parts from across the globe managed to find each other and form this captivating mash-up, not even they know, but Sound Citizens are introducing the world to a new kind of Caribbean sound. Fresh from their Leeward Island tour (playing packed out shows in St Maarten, St Barth’s and BVI), the band is more in demand than ever.

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Riding on the success of their second full length album ‘Swunk’ (https://soundcloud.com/soundcitizens/sets/swunk-album), ‘Rising Star’ makes clear what the new Caribbean sound really means. And it’s very exciting. The single is a captivating listen from the start. With their Antiguan / Brazilian rhythm section, the band will not rest until you are moving. With Josh Winfield’s commanding vocals on top, this is a track with attitude and groove, and it leaves you wanting more.

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